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Checked or Unchecked Exceptions?

1. Overview In Java, there are basically two types of exceptions: Checked exceptions and Unchecked exceptions (RuntimeException and Error). The differences between checked, unchecked and error are: Checked Exceptions must be explicitly caught or propagated. Unchecked exceptions do not have this requirement. They don’t have to be caught or declared thrown. Checked Exceptions in Java […]

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Examining Spring Boot Essentials

By now, we doved into the ways of creating Spring Boot applications. But, How does the Spring Boot brings magic to Spring application development? There are four tricks that simplifies the Spring application development with Spring Boot: Automatic configuration—Automatically provide configuration for application functionality common to many Spring applications. Starter dependencies—You tell Spring Boot what […]

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Spring Boot Initilizr With IDEs

Spring Boot Initilizr is used to quick start new Spring Boot Maven/Gradle projects within no time. It generates initial project structure and build scripts to reduce Development time. As we discussed in my previous post, Spring Boot Initilizr is available in the following forms: Spring Boot Initilizr With Spring Boot CLI Spring Boot Initilizr With […]

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